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Thank you for your  service!

Thank you for your service!

Finally, the venerable Sea King has retired. They had a fly past the other week featuring the trusty old choppers, patched with parts from the dead ones and a few new ones from Sikorsky.
The Sea King has a history of landing on bobbing Navy ships, and sometimes farmers fields and parking lots when the aircraft were having mechanical problems.

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Saving radio, one  community at a time

Saving radio, one community at a time

When he was very young, Wayne Harrett had a dream. He wanted to be a radio broadcaster. Today, he’s living that dream. Not only is he a broadcaster, but he started his own radio station and it’s now one of the most popular community radio stations in the country.

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Yes, Virginia, there is a CBC...

Yes, Virginia, there is a CBC...

My 17-year-old granddaughter recently brought a stray to my house.
A very polite young man — I can’t remember his name — he asked if I was retired.
I said “sort of,” but I was volunteering at Seaside FM. I told him that I retired from the CBC after working there for 30 years.
His next question struck me dumb.

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Songs of the homefront...

Songs of the homefront...

World War One was nearing an end when two ships collided in the narrows of Halifax Harbour, 100 years ago on December 6.
Radio was just beginning to rear its head at the time, but commercial radio wouldn’t be widely available for at least a few more years.

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Snow globe & bicycle perils...

Snow globe & bicycle perils...

Pre-9/11, if you told a story about a Canada Customs agent at the airport confiscating a souvenir snow globe because it contained too much liquid, people would sorta look at you funny. They’d think you were lying.

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