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Younger court doc under temporary seal

by Andrew Douglas

Courts of Nova Scotia communications gal Jennifer Stairs tells

Frank Magazine that N.S. Supreme Court Justice Glen McDougall has

placed a temporary confidentiality order on a rather controversial

court document involving Andrew Younger.

Last week, the Independent Dartmouth East MLA announced he wouldn't

be re-offering for the seat, the day after

reported that his wife Katia had applied for an emergency

protection order against him following an incident at the

matrimonial home on Friday, April 28. Although the document

apparently makes it clear that he wasn't a threat to her, Younger

himself admitted in an interview with News 95.7's Sheldon MacLeod

last week that the document falsely claimed he attempted suicide.

He was taken to hospital by ambulance that night to deal with a

medical issue that he won't discuss.

A justice of the peace denied the application.

Courts spokesthingy Jenn says the contents of the file will remain

sealed while notice is sent to the parties involved, giving them

five business days to make an application to permanently seal the


"Such an application would need to go before a judge and media

would have the opportunity to provide submissions, if they wish to

contest the application. If no application is made within the

specified timeframe, the court file will be made available, upon

request," Jennifer says. She confirms that Justice Glen independently

set the process in motion.

Last week, Andrew Younger told everyone who would listen that he was resigning

because a "previously unknown health issue" had recently reared its

head, which requires his "full attention".

He also lashed out at AllNova's "unsettling and offensive" breach

of his family's privacy.

"We have decided as a family, that it is not healthy for us to be

part of a system which encourages the release of confidential,

personal, and health information of its elected officials, those

seeking office, and their families," Andrew said in a lengthy

Facebook statement last week.

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