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PC caucus egomaniacal trifecta narrowly avoided

by Andrew Douglas
PC caucus egomaniacal trifecta narrowly avoided

Nobody ever accused Brad Johns of being the brightest bulb on the Christmas Tree.

But a June 1 appearance on Rick Howe's News 95.7 open-mouth show suggests the former Halifax councillor more than makes up for his grey matter deficiency with a rather outsized ego. Not many major party candidates, after all, have the giblets to suggest that their personal popularity had more to do with an electoral victory than their party affiliation.

When Rick suggested that the reason voters in Sackville-Beaver Bank chose him over Liberal incumbent Stephen Gough was because they liked the PC platform on mental health - which Brad had identified as the number one issue raised to him while campaigning - Brad didn't agree.

"I don't know if it was that," he began, adding, "I think there was a lot of support in the community for me."

"I've always been a constituency-orientated (sic) guy." (And the sorta guy who says 'expresso', too, likely-ed.)

During the 16 years he spent representing the riding of Middle/Upper Sackville-Beaver Bank-Lucasville on  Halifax Regional Council - highlighted by his purchase of an 18-foot talking Christmas tree, financed by $25,000 out of his councillors' discretionary fund in 2014 - a lot of the time the poor fellow couldn't even find his way downtown to attend meetings.  For 2014 and 2015, the Best Donair alt-weekly freebie named him the councillor with the worst attendance. Last October, his career as a Halifax councillor was euthanized by the candidacy of longtime Halifax radio gal Lisa Blackburn.

During his News 95.7 appearance, Brad told Rick that mental health-related issues raised to him on the doorstep while campaigning included depression and PSTD (sic).

Halifax councillor Matt Whitman's loss in Hammonds Plains-Lucasville at least means Tory leader (for the moment-ed.) Jamie Baillie won't have to tolerate a caucus with the egomaniacal trifecta of Brad, Matt and Pictou East MLA Tim Houston.


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