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Jun 12 , 2017


Those were the days, my friend...

by Cliff Boutilier
Those were the days, my friend...

See Clarification/Editor's Note below

Based on her sparkling, very polished public performance at the recent Conservative Leadership Convention, I strongly suspect we’ll be hearing plenty more from Ms. Caroline Mulroney.
Particulary if this Andrew Scheer experiment doesn’t work out.
If, say, new leader Scheer turns out to be a Tory version of former Liberal leaders Stephane Dion or Michael Ignatieff. Politics is such a results-oriented business.
I also suspect Ms. Mulroney will once again cross paths with reporter Glen McGregor.
The daughter of former PM Brian Mulroney, the Harvard-educated Caroline turned 43 on June 11.
She was all of 17 in 1991 when McGregor, then wingman to editor Michael Bate at Ottawa’s Frank Magazine (no relation) cobbled together his infamous Deflower Caroline Mulroney Contest as a means to strike back at daddy dearest, who was at the time using his glam-babe daughter as a political prop on the world stage to garner ink for Muldoomed, including P. 1 pics of father and daughter walking hand in hand, here at home and abroad.
Glen’s intent, to draw attention to the flagrant opportunism of father Muldoomed, was fully on the mark. The execution was a full-blown fiasco.
So much so that an angry, temporal artery throbbing Muldoomed took to CBC television, telling, I believe it was Hannah Gartner, that he wanted to execute everybody in the Frank* office. That would be Michael and Glen.
“I wanted to take a gun and go down there and do some serious damage to these people,” raged Mulroney.
Glen, of course, is now something called Senior Political Correspondent with CTV National News, having gone straight years ago by way of the Ottawa Citizen.
Twenty-six years later, he’s matured, just as Caroline Mulroney has matured.
And although Pierre Trudeau and Brian Mulroney never went toe-to-toe in election season, what better political theatre than, one day, to have Justin Trudeau go up against Caroline Mulroney for all the marbles
Glamboy versus Glamgirl. I don’t know who to give the edge to here in the magnetism department.
But rest assured when the tale of the tape turns to intellectual capacity, er, um, Justin Trudeau is most certainly not his old man. Drama teacher Trudeau-lite is more the trained seal whose favourite trick doesn’t reach far beyond saying, “Grow the middle class! Grow the middle class! Grow the middle class!”
Advantage: Clearly, Caroline Mulroney.
We’ll have to wait and see how Glen scores the, er, um, contest.
*Frank Sr., that would be our goodselves here in Atlantic Canada had nothing to do with the Deflower Caroline Mulroney Contest. We didn’t conceive it, sanction it, contribute to it in any fashion. All we did was take the blame for it.

Editor's Note: Soon after I took the piece about Glen McGregor's history with Caroline Mulroney (Those were the days, my friend.., Frank 769) from behind the paywall thus exposing it to a wider internet audience, CTV National News Senior Political Correspondent Glen called the bunker asking for a clarification.
Regarding the Ottawa Frank's Deflower Caroline satirical ad, he says that he didn't have anything to do with the ad, that it was "cobbled together by someone else". Which is strange, because Michael Bate remembers it differently.
Bate - who was the editor of the Ottawa Frank at that time, and still runs it today - says that although the ad was somebody else's brainchild, it was actually graphic designer Glen who put it together.
But while Glen, who was 24ish at the time, acknowledges that he was the magazine's graphic design/layout guy, he doesn't specifically remember if he designed the Deflower Caroline ad. Just so we're clear on that, he says he doesn't know if he created what is almost certainly the most infamous piece of Canadian political satire of the last 50 years.
It's a "millstone around (his) neck" to this day, Glen tells me. I dunno, seems like his career as a mainstream sluggo  - first with the Ottawa Citizen, and now at CTV - is none the worse for wear.


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