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Jul 10 , 2017


Dal's leaky honorary noms

by Paul Hutchings
Dal's leaky honorary noms

Along with former Black Panther Angela Davis, Frank has learned that former Governor General Michaelle Jean and native songstress Buffy Sainte-Marie are in the running to receive an honorary degree from Dalhousie University.

A top-secret leaked document from the uni’s Senate Honorary Degrees Committee shows that the country’s former chief dental officer Dr. Peter Cooney and Dr. Mike Degagne, Canada’s first aboriginal university president, are also potential recipients of an honorary wall-hanging. The communique from committee chair/ university president Richard Florizone, dated June 5 of this year, notes that an open vote would be conducted at an in-camera session of the Senate on June 12, and a two-thirds majority of members present and voting would be required for confirmation of the candidates. The memo says that because of the “highly sensitive nature of the process,” hard copies of the document — sent to us by a beloved mole who will be forever in my debt — would be collected at the end of the in-camera session, and digital documents are to be removed and deleted immediately following the meeting (Dalhousie reserves the right to conduct cavity searches on demand — ed.). In Frank 770 — which hit newsstands on June 28 — we told you that activist Angela might be in line for a Spring 2018 honorary degree. As a Dal mouthpiece noted, such info is classified until a month before the ceremony. It would appear that at least one member of the Senate wasn’t a big fan of Angela being looked at. The former UCLA professor and Black Panther was charged in 1970 with aiding the botched escape attempt of imprisoned black radical George Jackson and served about
18 months behind bars, before her acquittal in 1972. Cooney is a dentist who has led national health surveys, won a bunch of dentistry awards and apparently plays the violin. Maybe the crowd will be treated to an Irish jig at the ceremony. If he made the cut, that is. Degagne is president of Nippissing Uni
versity in Northern Ontario. The document coos that his work has “inspired hope and action for healing and reconciliation” in native issues. An excellent placater of liberal sensibilities often associated with today’s academic atmosphere, I would think. Gerrow is another dentist who also did time as a Dal professor and chair of the university’s Dental Clinical Sciences department. Michaelle Jean has 19 previous honorary degrees (Why not make it an even 20, eh? — ed.). You already know who Buffy Sainte-Marie is. The leaked memo says that the focus has been on individuals “who have made outstanding contributions to Dalhousie University,” along with the more non-specific “individuals who are role models for students.”

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  • Bay_Bye
    Jul 10th 2017
    how can anyone associated with the Black Panthers even be considered for such an honor. it is an insult to the legacy of Dalhousie University. as a Dal Graduate I feel insulted
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