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Jul 26 , 2017


Pictou County Gate Keeper News for Pictou County Gate Keepers

by Andrew Douglas
Pictou County Gate Keeper News for Pictou County Gate Keepers

The Frankland Biker Intelligence Unit has confirmed a police raid on the Pictou County Gate Keepers clubhouse on MacLean Street in downtown New Glasgow was related to an investigation into possible Liquor Control Act infractions.

I’m hearing there was a social function at the clubhouse on the afternoon of Saturday, July 15 which involved revellers tossing $10 or $15 into a jar, allowing them to drink to their hearts’ content, which would almost certainly be a breach of our province’s draconian liquor laws.

Penny ante stuff, compared to what I understand were the serious-as-cancer reasons behind the police raid at the same address in June of last year, about which police are still saying bupkis.

After the cops went home, PC GK prez Jardine Hayman took to Facebook to complain that the “fuctards pulling their bullshit” caused the cancellation of the club’s show and shine that day, but it wasn’t long before the ol’ softy felt mondo “support and love” from people all over Pictou County and beyond, and all was right with the world once again.

Incidentally, following my report on last year’s raid (Frank 745), Jardine, 48, was transferred out of the accounting department at the head office of a Pictou County-based national grocery chain (the name of which unfortunately escapes me), and into the company’s customer service department. Whether that had anything to do with my revelation that Jardine’s criminal record features a 20-year-old fraud conviction, I cannot say.

In other Pictou County GK news, court records show that Grant Blair Johnston of Manganese Mines, Colchester County — who sources say is a member of the Pictou County Gate Keepers — was arrested May 31 and charged with several drug and weapons-related offences.

According to a June RCMP press release, cocaine, marijuana, pills and a restricted hand gun were confiscated after Truro Police, along with the Colchester County Integrated Street Crime Unit and a Queen’s Cowboys police dog team, raided the property. Documents show that Grant, 38, resides at 280 Willy Hoare Road.

Grant — who is scheduled to appear in Truro Provincial Court on August 2 — faces six charges in total: possession for the purpose of trafficking; possession of a controlled substance; possession of a firearm obtained by crime; possession of a prohibited firearm w/ammo; unauthorized possession of a firearm, and careless storage of a firearm.


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