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Jul 27 , 2017


Why won't this media attention I asked for go away?

by Andrew Douglas
Why won't this media attention I asked for go away?

It's hard to put the genie back in the bottle, isn't it? But Tarrah McPherson will be appearing in front of a judge tomorrow in an attempt to do just that.

More than two and a half years ago, the Mount Saint Vincent University mature student got what she thought she wanted at the time: media coverage about a brief dalliance she had with her instructor, Mike Kydd. With CTV, she hit what she thought was paydirt. That is, coverage that identified Kydd but not her.

If Tarrah, now 39, was living in one of Canada's many non-Frank Magazine jurisdictions, her name would likely have remained a mystery throughout her subsequent exploits with police and the N.S. Human Rights Commission. Save for, of course, her travels on the "Silence the Violence" university sexual assault speaking circuit - whatever the hell that is - and some unwelcome attention paid to her this winter by Christie Blatchford of the National Post, another reporter on Tarrah's enemies list.

But Frank identified the single mother of four way back in January of 2015, and has followed her continuing adventures with great interest ever since. Adventures that included running to police and falsely accusing Kydd of sexual assault, despite the fact that she was previously on the record with CTV saying the sex was consensual. Not to mention, a Human Rights complaint that demanded up to $100,000 in compensation from MSVU, despite the fact that the Mount showed they bent over backwards for months attempting to accommodate her many issues.

Now, with an application for a sweeping publication ban that would cover, among other things, her current case against Frank - her and her protector, local typist Ryan Van Horne* have accused my organ of breaching a statutory publication ban that involves her - she is looking to shut down the media coverage that she spent countless hours courting back before this whole thing began.

A CBC source tells me that prior to Kayla Hounsell and Steve Murphy jumping on the story, Tarrah absolutely flooded one CBC hack with emails in an attempt to convince him to go with it. Unfortunately for Tarrah, this hack had a friend with a connection at the Mount, and stories got back to him about Tarrah's reputation on campus as a troublemaker.

"They were terrified of her," my source tells me, because of her constant whinging about the Kydd situation. She would of course go on to haunt the university with that Human Rights complaint which took two years to resolve.

So I understand the CBC hack - not wanting to open this particular can of worms, thank you very much - was firm with her, asking that she stop emailing him, and he wouldn't be involved in any story. 

Cut to the summer of 2017. Tarrah McPherson, her publication ban application in hand, is now desperately attempting to stem the flow of bad publicity that she herself inadvertently started.  Tomorrow morning at 9:30am at Spring Garden Road provincial court, self-represented Tarrah will square off against Frank lawyer David Hutt in front of Judge Elizabeth Buckle.

Considering Tarrah's application amounts to requesting a ban on the media ever uttering her name again - and a demand that Frank remove its library of material involving her that's already been published, a request which betrays her understanding of how this sort of thing works - I would suggest interested parties should show up early to guarantee a seat (as interested as I am in the proceeding, I unfortunately have a prior commitment to spend a long weekend relaxing on a beach with family in PEI).

Don't worry if the courtroom battle turns out to be a standing room-only show.

In addition to the usual bits and bobs on the Frankland Twitter account, @Frank_Mag, Frank 773 will contain all the details fit to print we're allowed to print.


*Although the Daily News sports reporter-turned Chronicle Herald scab is firmly in Tarrah's corner in her attempt to muzzle the media, I recall back in 2014 when Ryan was loudly advocating for media to breach a publication ban on somebody else's name.

When the boys involved in distributing photographs of Rehtaeh Parsons having sex at a party were charged with child porn offences following her death - which meant technically media couldn't report her name - Ryan, seeing a grave injustice, published her name countless times on his blog, and tried to convince media organizations including Frank to follow suit.

In a piece that appeared in Metro Halifax in December of 2014 after the Public Prosecution Service announced nobody would be charged for breaching the ban, Rehtaeh's father Glen Canning personally thanked his good friend Ryan Van Horne for courageously thumbing his nose at the law.

Glen, as everybody knows by now, would go on to distribute a naughty photo of Mike Kydd's junk which Tarrah gave him as she madly sought attention for her supposed plight. In his tweet - which included the redacted picture of Kydd's little Kydder - Glen claimed that the MSVU instructor had sent it to her unsolicited. This despite the fact that evidence exists which shows Tarrah asked him for it numerous times. Oh what a tangled web of deceit this is.

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