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Apr 13 , 2018


More old school ties...

by Frank Cameron
More old school ties...
Yes, Miss Warrington. I remember Miss Warrington now (thank you, Hugh Townsend).
She had non-flammable red hair and she loved using the strap. Hugh says she used to strap the hell out of him, back in 1949 at Acadia Street School in New Glasgow.
Hugh’s cousin Dr. Clary Townsend remembers the guy in the reindeer sweater. That’s Allen Scholssberg. Allen is no longer with us. His father was a doctor.
Dr. Clary still lives in New Glasgow, and we’re gonna hook up this summer. Among the topics of conversation will be the cup of coffee Dr. Clary had at the Aberdeen Hospital way back when.
And yes, it was a 5th Grade class picture, not a 6th Grade class picture.
The girls in the front row were all pretty cool. I was madly in love with one of them, Marilyn Dee, seventh from the left.
I can still remember going to her house on Valentine’s Day. Wearing a shirt and tie my mother made me wear, I knocked on the door. When Marilyn answered it, I blurted, “These are for you,” and shoved a box of Moirs Pot of Gold in her general direction. Then I ran like hell.
Second from left in the front row was Heather McAlpine, the girl next door. She had a wicked sense of humour and could well have ended up a stand-up comic for all I know.
As for some of the guys I missed, the last two on the right in the third row are Alan Fraser, who went on to be a school music teacher and church organist —- he died a few years ago — and Tommy MacPherson, who spent most of his time on the West Coast, but moved home when he retired. I plan to look him up.
I knew his brother Gary very well and we worked together on many things. Gary was the promotions guy at Eatons and every night he would show up at CHNS and I would do an ad lib commercial for whatever he was selling that day. He worked for the Atlantic Association of Broadcasters and also worked at EPA, the airline, not the agency that’s being destroyed by Donald Trump. Gary died in 2011. I loved that guy.
We mentioned Donnie Mason the engineer last time out. Sitting beside him in the second row was Peggy MacLellan, who moved to Winnipeg and became a MacNeill. She only comes back now and then to visit her friends, one of whom is Hugh Townsend’s sister Barbara.
Anyone else who wants to contact me and talk about the old days, I’m all ears. (No truer words...! — ed.)

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