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Jun 10 , 2018


Someone call a doctor, ’cause Minister Randy's got deaf ears!

by editor
Someone call a doctor, ’cause Minister Randy's got deaf ears!
EDITOR'S NOTE: She's a squeaky wheel that all but the most partisan of Cape Bretoners is hoping gets some grease.
Lisa Bond, who ran for the Dippers in Victoria-The Lakes last time out — but we won’t hold that against her, will we? —is one of the loudest voices railing against underwhelming Cape Breton health-care services in general, and at North Sydney’s Northside General emergency room in particular.
She’s been in a one-way email correspondence with Liberal Health Minister Randy “Howdy Doody” Delorey for weeks. Below are some excerpts.
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Monday, April 30, 11:59am
My local hospital has a beautiful emergency room that is closed more than it is open. The residents in the surrounding communities are often forced to pay for a taxi ($60 round trip) or call an ambulance to get to the hospital over 30 minutes away for the lucky ones, over an hour for those living further out. Our largest hospital, the Cape Breton Regional, is over-crowded because it was not built to support the needs of the entire island.
Many of us in Cape Breton also don’t have a family doctor or any kind of primary care. On the northside, we don’t even have a walk-in clinic.
I fully realize that you inherited the situation in Nova Scotia, however, it has been your job for nearly a year. People are dying on your watch.
Monday, April 30, 11:17pm
Praying that all (the) people that I love can get to the hospital in time if anything happens because our emergency room is closed now until Thursday.
Thursday, May 3, 11:22 am
1. We need more doctors. I can’t say it any clearer. People are dying from things that are treatable. I don’t care what you have to do to get them, pay them more to come, pay them to work in rural communities, work with them instead of turning them away. Our lives are worth it. Dip into last year’s surplus. We are worth it.
2. Establish walk-in clinics in the communities that need them. I live 40 minutes away from the nearest walk-in clinic.
3. Keep our emergency rooms open 24/7. We need them. They are well used when they are open. Cape Breton has an aging population, which often means more need for emergency care. Of course this gets back to the doctor problem, but I have a solution for that as well.
Why don’t we have nurse practitioners working in the ER during hours when it can’t be covered by doctors? They can consult with whomever is on at the Regional Hospital, the Regional won’t be over-crowded from the surrounding communities, and everyone will have access to health care!
4. Hire more mental health specialists. If you pay them they will come. A year wait for mental health is completely unacceptable.
Saturday, May 5, 12:44 pm
We are seriously lacking specialists in Cape Breton. All of them. Our wait times are through the roof.
We have a mental health wait time of 363 days.
We have no full time vascular surgeon. If someone in Cape Breton were to have an aneurysm, they are most likely going to die. You don’t have time to life-flight someone to Halifax in that situation, and life-flight often isn’t even available.
We have no geriatricians, which is pathetic on an island with a very much older population.
We also have no fulltime child psychiatry. This kills me, Randy. Absolutely destroys me. How can a population feel like their government gives a damn when they won’t even take care of their youngest and most vulnerable. We have suicidal children with undiagnosed mental illness waiting 157 days to just be seen!
Monday, May 14, 11:32am
Cape Breton was a mess this weekend. Here is the list of closures.
Northside General — closes this afternoon and reopening Monday morning.
New Waterford — closes this afternoon and reopens Tuesday morning.
Glace Bay — closes Saturday at 6am and reopens Tuesday morning.
Baddeck — closes Saturday at 7am and expecting to reopen Saturday at 7pm.
Are you aware that, also last week, The regional hospital emergency room reached what is called Code Census. This happens when an emergency room is so full that it can not take any more patients. There is nowhere to unload people from ambulances.There is nowhere for people who are having an emergency to go.
Where do these people go, Randy, when all other rooms are closed? Do we just die? What do we do, Randy? This situation is past the breaking point. We are at a place where people are dying.
We have reached a point where people live in fear. There is nowhere to go, no one to turn to, and those elected to office to take care of us, those with a majority of power, are choosing to allow people to die rather then fix the problems.
Who is responsible for these deaths? Who has the blood on their hands?
Friday, May 18, 11:30am
We are facing another long weekend here in C.B., and more ER closures. Two of our hospitals will be closed until Tuesday. I would bet money that the Regional hospital will have yet another Code Census this weekend.
Tuesday, May 29, 10:22pm
I have some fantastic news to share with you today! The NSHA is coming to my community to have an information session, it would be amazing if you showed up as well, since you are the minister of health. It will be held June 6 at the North Sydney fire hall from 6-8 pm.
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Lisa says she finally got a response on this one from Randy’s secretary Wendy, who she says is a lovely woman.
“I feel sorry for her to have to work for him,” Lisa tells Frank.
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Wednesday, May 30, 1:01pm
Thanks Lisa — I’ve made him aware but he’ll unfortunately be away that day so not available to attend your upcoming community information session!
Wendy Anderson
Executive Secretary
to the Hon. Randy Delorey
Minister of Health and Wellness

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