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The Return of Gail Benoit

by Amanda Spriggs
The Return of Gail Benoit


Warnings are making the rounds via facebook that convicted animal abusers Gail Benoit and husband Dana Bailey are still active in the puppy brokering business. Though Gail and Dana were found guilty in April of 2009 on charges of animal cruelty (and one charge of assault involving an SPCA constable) there is no legislation in place currently to prevent them from owning or selling dogs. At their trial the Crown alleged the pair had sold around 30,000 animals over the course of 16 years, and Gail has stated publicly on numerous occasions that she has no intention of stopping her puppy brokering business.
Gail is said to use sites such as to purchase puppies and dogs for the sole purpose of re-selling them. Gail and Dana have been alleged to sell puppies too young to survive without their mother in order to turn a quick profit and have been known to sell puppies infected with Parvo virus. Charges of animal cruelty brought against them involving sick puppies sold in 2008, the majority of which died of their illness, were dropped due to a lack of evidence. Crown attorney Rosalind Michie at the time was quoted as saying it was a "...point of sale issue" as opposed to a case of animal cruelty.
Gail has been alleged to use pseudonyms in her online dealings to evade recognition, which one woman believes was the case in the dog-napping of her two boxers reported on last week. Cassie Craft, the owner, has said she made arrangements with a Nova Scotian woman who was to board her dogs but when she attempted to contact the woman to check on them her number was disconnected. Cassie's dogs have since been returned to her, after being sold through kijiji by the woman boarding them known to Cassie as Ashley. After seeing photos of Gail Benoit, Cassie has said she believes the woman she was dealing with was actually Gail. In the past 24 hours reports have surfaced and been shared via facebook that Gail Benoit is operating out of the Shelburne county area. Reportedly, Gail attempted to pick up puppies from someone who recognized her from media coverage and then refused to give her the animals.
The bottom line is to be aware that people like Gail Benoit exist. If you're going to purchase an animal, thoroughly research where it is coming from. Consider adopting from a shelter such as the SPCA instead of using kijiji, which seems to host a plethora of puppy mills and puppy brokers. If you're intent on purchasing a pure-bred, take the time to actually visit and inspect the breeder's home and do research on the people you're buying from. Let's stop supporting people like Gail Benoit and animal cruelty. 


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