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Eddie Cornwallis

Eddie Cornwallis - Etiquette of the New Norm

In June of 1995, thanks largely to the persistence a Cape Bretoner, then Cape Breton MP David Dingwall, Halifax played host to the world as the G7 Summit came to town.

Village Blacksmith Diaries

The Village Blacksmith Diaries...

I’s got good news fer ya dis week and I’s got bad news.
Da good news is I’s got a woman chasin’ me!
Her names is Elizabeth SmitMcCrossin. Dats a lot a names.

Frank Cameron

Buying local? Frank does it in Dartmouth

There’s a new shop just opened on Portland Street called New Scotland Clothing. Owned by two guys who grew up in the Dartmouth/Waverley area, it’s part of the growing list of small businesses in Downtown Dartmouth.

Frank Covers

Mr. Nunn goes to Sunnyvale

Mr. Nunn goes to Sunnyvale

Retired CBC anchor Jim Nunn will make his film debut in Trailer Park Boys Part Three, which started shooting March 17. 

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Wither weathergal Tina, you ask?

Wither weathergal Tina, you ask?

Frank has solved the mystery of missing CTV weathergal Tina Simpkin!

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Cape Breton Chit Chat

February 24, 1979: Disaster at the No. 26

It gets lost in the shadow of the Westray Mine Disaster, but no one should ever forget when tragedy struck nearly 40 years ago in the early morning hours of February 24, 1979.

Keith MacDonald headed on down the road... to Port Hood

Boy, we blew it on this one.
Back in 2010 — Frank 599, I believe it was — we blew one helluva lotta smoke up the arse of Keith MacDonald, of Cape Breton Partnership fame.

Media Madness

The pros and cons of a CFL Franchise for Halifax

The CFL can either make it in Halifax — even flourish — or it doesn’t stand a chance. These are the opposite and prevailing viewpoints on this widely discussed subject.

Best of the Beatles

“I’m a lucky guy. In fact, I feel I’m the luckiest out of all The Beatles.”

Frank Letters

Why, you yellow-bellied so-and-sos!

Dear Frank:
That’s one cowardly council we have here in Halifax. You know what I’m gonna do?

The secret power language

Dear Frank:
I thought David “Entitled to my Entitlements” Dingwall would’ve been good for a Senate pew, but president of CBU?

Urban Undulations

Dal Student Union wars

It sounds simple enough to me. A Dal Student Union rep who happens to be disabled takes issue with her fellow student politicos looking at putting an able-bodied person on the university’s accessibility services committee.

Stoff the presses!!!

Forget the powerful. Even the powerless are wondering if they’ll be the next to have their  legacies - political or otherwise — take a shit-kicking as a result of an unwelcome kiss or two, or even a consensual fling.

Speaker's Corner

Stoff the presses!!!

Forget the powerful. Even the powerless are wondering if they’ll be the next to have their  legacies - political or otherwise — take a shit-kicking as a result of an unwelcome kiss or two, or even a consensual fling.

Tories Got Talent-palooza!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, Tories of all ages, step right up under the Big Top, and gentleman please put your hands together for, all the way from Montreal, the lovely Gigi!
Ummm, well, not quite so.

Wanker of the Week

Wanker of the Week

Carolyn Watters, Dalhousie U. Provost
Has administration at Dalhousie lost its collective mind?

15-cent scrooge Labi Kousoulis

Let me get this straight: FIFTEEN CENTS? Our generous overlords are really going to raise the minimum wage by 15 lousy cents per hour?

Law & Disorder

Shoulda been a jihadi, Mr. Abdi...

Due to whatever combination of nature, nurture and circumstance, Abdoul Abdi is a bad seed.

Car Crash couple offer words of advice

A P.E.I. couple say they’re keeping their options open after their case was dismissed last  December in a Nova Scotia court.

Guy Pothier

Duelling rhetoric in the age of offence

Tu quoque. No, this column will not be in Latin. The phrase means you also. It is the name for the rhetorical strategy of responding to criticism of your own side by claiming your opponents are just as bad, if not worse. The most common recent example is for critics of Islamophobia

A gov’t report with actual substance

Finally, a report on the Nova Scotia education system that is focused, cogent, coherent, and completed in a space of around three months. Kudos to Avis Glaze.

Bevboy's Radio Daze

Valley of Fear / South Shore

Tax sale trouble in the Valley

Leave it to Beaver, ya might say.
For years now, Wilmot, Annapolis County resident Joseph “Beaver” Landry has been causing all manner of legal headaches for the Municipality of the County of Annapolis, and the hits just  keep comin’.

Northern N.S. News

He scoffed from the law, and the law won

In case you missed it, a recent piece in the local fishwrapper advised of the sentence handed to a 22-year-old who stole a laptop out of an unmarked police vehicle
in New Glasgow last year.