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Eddie Cornwallis

Honouring Sid: How many cups does he gotta win?

One strongly suspects I’m hardly alone on this front, but I don’t have a lot of time for Halifax City Council or Halifax Mayor Mike Savage, $176,000-per.

Village Blacksmith Diaries

The Village Blacksmith Diaries...

Dear Diary, Couldn’t wait to write ya. I’s got sum pretty excitin’ news fer ya dis time ’round. Yes, I duz. I duz. Cuz guess what Diary?
I won! I won! I won! I won!
Yep. I won, alright.

Frank Cameron

What’s in a DARTMOUTH ferry name?

Have you been following the quest for a name for two new ferries in the Dartmouth Ferry fleet?

Frank Covers

Havin' a holly, jolly NSTU Christmas

Havin' a holly, jolly NSTU Christmas

’TWAS the nite before Xmas and right thru the school
The desks were stained by all the teacher’s drool
They wanted more, more, more, this holiday season
Their demands and their greed knew not bounds nor reason
Teachers’ egos were huge, their bank accounts, too
They wrapped their arrogance in the flag of the ol’ NSTU

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Will the REAL Nancy Regan please stand up?

Will the REAL Nancy Regan please stand up?

“People wonder if I miss TV,” former Live at 5 giggle-queen Nancy Regan confessed to the current hostess, Maria Panopalis.
“I miss the people.”
Not only the people she worked with at ATV, although they were all uniformly wonderful, but she also misses her daily interactions with people in her Maritime Community.

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Cape Breton Chit Chat

Searching for redemption in Glace Bay

The crammed parking lot of the old Sears outlet at 54 McKeen Street hinted at the gravity of the situation. Was it another exciting edition of Cape Breton Idol, or just another ho-hum provincial election night? Or, perhaps, a bit of both?

What the clown did

Dale “Klutzy the Clown” Rancourt, 51, doesn’t come off as someone who would do well in prison.

Media Madness

Tarrah’s tribulations, con’t...

Surely the N.S. Human Rights Commission didn’t believe Tarrah McPherson would go away so easily?

Election Obituaries

Hell hath no fury like a community services minister scorned!

Frank Letters

All in the family...

Dear Frank: Re: Doctors & Dentists & Lawyers, Oh My!, Frank 769
Surprised you didn’t see fit to point out that the son of a local Provincial Court judge just received his parchment from the Schulich School of Law.

Separated at birth?

Dear Frank: When I turned on News 95.7 the other day, Rick Howe was part-way through an interview with somebody named Philanthropist Fred MacGillivray. Don’t know what it was all about.

Urban Undulations

Suicide by train in Bedford?

Halifax Regional Police are sidestepping questions about whether suicide is suspected in the death of Samantha Ashley Tiller, the 20-year-old Mount Saint Vincent student who was hit by a train and killed while walking on the tracks in Bedford on June 15.


Mr. Melvin walks the plank...

The AYC giveth, and the AYC taketh away. Barely two weeks after the Armdale Yacht Club’s management committee welcomed Jimmy Melvin, Sr.

Speaker's Corner

Garden Party madness, Liberal Party hypocrisy

If you were in Halifax the afternoon of June 21, the first day of summer, and also National Aboriginal Day, or something like that, the last place you wanted to look for an aboriginal person was on the historic grounds of that ol’ Georgian mansion at 1451 Barrington Street.

$10 million-plus computer cockup?

Documents obtained by the Progressive Conservatives through Freedom of Information show the province has spent $10.7 million thus far to replace a government computer system that government tech sources say didn’t need replacing in the first place.

Wanker of the Week

Wanker of the Week: IWK CEO Tracy Kitch

The communications thingy on the other end of the line laughed uncomfortably.

“Glad that’s not my department.” 

A Few Good Council Men (& A Gal)...

For the umpteenth time, Halifax Council is discussing councillor pay packets.
It’s hard to believe, but many are of the mind that they deserve to be handed a bag of money when they leave office, no matter the circumstances.  
But not everyone is on board.

Law & Disorder

Did Kenley go Into The Wild?

How Ron Lamothe came to be working on a documentary film about the 1992 disappearance of Acadia student Allan Kenley  Matheson is a tale of circumstance, even happenstance. Or fate, perhaps?

Internal uprising at Armdale Yacht Club over Jimmy Melvin, Sr's membership

A source at the Armdale Yacht Club says one member has resigned over the club’s decision to admit the patriarch of a notorious Halifax crime family, and a dozen more have threatened to walk if club management doesn’t soon revoke Jimmy Melvin Sr.’s membership.

Guy Pothier

More architectural iconaclasm at Saint Mary’s

Saint Mary’s University is my alma mater. That does not make me a gung ho or tribal alumnus. I do have enough respect for the place to refuse to use or say the initials SMU.

Walking a mile in everybody’s shoes

Last time in this space, I discussed the issue of cultural appropriation. Many see this as a kind of pillaging of cultural objects style, customs and ways usually from groups seen as marginalized by groups with status.

Bevboy's Radio Daze

Valley of Fear / South Shore

Did Kenley go Into The Wild?

How Ron Lamothe came to be working on a documentary film about the 1992 disappearance of Acadia student Allan Kenley  Matheson is a tale of circumstance, even happenstance. Or fate, perhaps?

Northern N.S. News

Accused rapist gets by with a little help from his friends

Court documents show that Leona English is one of nine St. FX professors who risked cash from her own pocket if their colleague, accused rapist Behrang Foroughi-Mobarakeh, breached any of the several conditions of his release in 2014.