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Eddie Cornwallis

Being gay simply is NOT news

Could we please, please stop with all this identity politics, and sexual orientation horseshit, passing itself off as news.
There are plenty more meaningful things going on in this world — in this province — that require the full attention of our diminishing media resources.

Village Blacksmith Diaries

The Village Blacksmith Diaries...

Dear Diary,
Well dur ain’t much ta reports on dis week.
Tings are pretty quiet ‘round da Big Chamber. And dats da way we likes dem — Quiet!

Frank Cameron

Thank you for your service!

Finally, the venerable Sea King has retired. They had a fly past the other week featuring the trusty old choppers, patched with parts from the dead ones and a few new ones from Sikorsky.

Frank Covers

Sunset on Studio 360 Fit’s Split

Sunset on Studio 360 Fit’s Split

Although it appears as though the owners of Dartmouth-based 360 Fit Personal Training have made it through a breakdown of their business partnership, it’s safe to say there’s no love lost between Halifamous fitness trainer Devin Sherrington, 38, and his soon-to-be ex-wife Gina Lewis, 39. 

Devin tells me he’s successfully bought Gina’s share of the company following a court battle. 

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Bulging Bruce battles back after gay porn blunder

Bulging Bruce battles back after gay porn blunder

Call him the comeback kid. 

Bruce Patterson, who turns 40 on October 4, made his way to Toronto last month to compete in the International Federation of Bodybuilding Toronto Pro Supershow in the men’s open category. He’s a bodybuilder, and not just any old bodybuilder. 

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Cape Breton Chit Chat

Keith MacDonald headed on down the road... to Port Hood

Boy, we blew it on this one.
Back in 2010 — Frank 599, I believe it was — we blew one helluva lotta smoke up the arse of Keith MacDonald, of Cape Breton Partnership fame.

Jim MacDonald’s got troubles, too

The owner of MacDonald Ford on Grand Lake Road in Sydney tells me he did his own investigation when he discovered in 2016 that his dealership’s sales manager, Mike Duhamel, faced fraud and theft charges.

Media Madness

Unqualified toiler conducted cremations, say former body-switcheroo mortuary employees

The Annapolis Valley funeral home being investigated for cremating the wrong body (Frank 783) was the subject of a complaint lodged with the funeral profession’s governing body in 2015 which alleged employees consistently do work they aren’t qualified to do.

Jagmeet’s v. private moment

It’s difficult to think of how a less self-aware headline could even be possible. Yet there it was, atop a staged-looking photograph of NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh on bended knee, proposing to his girlfriend: Jagmeet Singh, Newly Engaged, Plans To Seek Healthy Public, Private Balance.

Frank Letters

New Chief at City Hall

Dear Frank:
As members of Halifax Council are well aware, there’s a new Chief at City Hall — and it’s not Chief Administrative Officer Jacques Dube.

Trooping out of Africa in N.S.

Dear Frank:
So there I was, sittin’ at a computer at the library on Gottingen Street the other night just by chance, and I was lucky enough to witness the grande openin’ of African Heritage Month!
Now, as a black lady myself, let me say that ya all missed quite a party.

Urban Undulations

RIP Wray Hart, Mayor of Spring Garden Road

The senseless and harrowing death of Wray Hart, 63, doesn’t disturb me. It sickens me.
It sickens me that Halifax has so needlessly lost a Spring Garden Road institution.

The rich boy accused of running down the poor man

Although the facts have not yet been tested in court, it is a tragic truth that Wray Hart died in the early morning hours of Saturday, January 27 when a Toyota Corolla ran up on the sidewalk on Queen Street and killed him.

Speaker's Corner

L’affaire de Jamie Baillie

There are so many threads to L’affaire de Jamie Baillie (interesting choice of words — ed.) it’s hard to know where to begin.

Separated at birth?

“I would never foster a culture of silence, so I am very proud of the steps that we took,” interim Progressive Conservative leader Karla MacFarlane told reporters on January 31.

Wanker of the Week

15-cent scrooge Labi Kousoulis

Let me get this straight: FIFTEEN CENTS? Our generous overlords are really going to raise the minimum wage by 15 lousy cents per hour?

But we need those grocery bags to carry our drugs and money...

Sitting through a council meeting in Halifax is like receiving a five-finger prostate exam, and last week’s meetings were no exception.

Law & Disorder

Scorched earth in Trenton

The 26-year-old Trenton woman alleged to have burned down her mother’s and grandmother’s house the other week placed a scorched earth post (phrasing! —ed.) on her Facebook page one day before the fires, calling several members of her family down to the lowest.

Long-ago plea to the killer of ‘small-town naive’ Carla Strickland

On June 5, 1991, close to one in the morning, Dartmouth police responded to a report from a man walking along the north side of Mic Mac Lake next to the 118 highway.

Guy Pothier

A gov’t report with actual substance

Finally, a report on the Nova Scotia education system that is focused, cogent, coherent, and completed in a space of around three months. Kudos to Avis Glaze.

The personal & the political

The modern feminist movement, as distinguished from the suffragette movement of a century ago, emerged in the 1960s. One of its principal mantras or talking points was: the personal is the political.

Bevboy's Radio Daze

Valley of Fear / South Shore

Bum notes at the Lunenburg Academy

Lunenburg council is subsidizing the rent in the town’s old school for a local music group, which a councillor says is the right thing to do.

Northern N.S. News

Scorched earth in Trenton

The 26-year-old Trenton woman alleged to have burned down her mother’s and grandmother’s house the other week placed a scorched earth post (phrasing! —ed.) on her Facebook page one day before the fires, calling several members of her family down to the lowest.