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Eddie Cornwallis

What's Laurel's master plan?

I would be remiss were I not to welcome back to Nova Scotia the most inattentive, indifferent, lackadaisical, laggardly, lifeless, loafing, indolent, inert, swollen-headed, narcissist who ever had the unmitigated gall to mimic as a savvy political operator.

Village Blacksmith Diaries

The Village Blacksmith Diaries...

Dear Diary,
Did you sees where I wuz da inaudible person, da very first person, to flys on dat West Jets aeroplane on der direct flight from Halifax to Paris?
Reckon, Diary, dat dere Charles Hindenburg ain’t got nuttin’ on me.

Frank Cameron

A stop in Spain (& Gibralter)

When last we connected I said I would report on the stop signs in Spain. And I am nothing if not a man of my word.

Frank Covers

Ballots &  buffets

Ballots & buffets

I was at the buffet table examining the sour cream, attempting to gauge the probability of whether it had been double-dipped, when mayor-elect Mike Savage strolled into his election night victory party at the Dartmouth Sportsplex. At least, that’s what I think I was doing.

I can’t be entirely sure, because I didn’t immediately notice that the man of the hour was among us. 

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Making the world happy for geeks!

Making the world happy for geeks!

It’s a bird — it’s a plane — it’s... models dressed up like d-list comic book heroines for some reason!

Fans of exagerrated cleavage might have got a little hot under the collar if they looked up, way up in downtown Halifax on a recent afternoon and saw Parisian-transplanted temptress Drakaina and actress Diana Hart posing for sultry shots on a rooftop.

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Cape Breton Chit Chat

Shocked, saddened and unsettled in Baddeck

Those tuning in to the CTV supperhour news June 7 following the fire at Baddeck’s Inverary Inn got a masterclass in mourning.
We would expect nothing less, of course.

Inverness County missing cousins mystery

From where I sit, there are a pile of unanswered questions involving the circumstances surrounding the two Inverness County men who went missing in early May.

Media Madness

Bunny news for bunnies

“Do you think she’s gonna be excited?” Brett Ruskin asks the young lady sitting next to him. His sister, I think.

My Don Cherry moments

I can tell you with reasonable certainty that I heard and knew of Don Cherry before the average sports fan had ever heard of him. A mistake of geography.

Frank Letters

Behind the scenes with the cancer-wife scam

Dear Frank:
Re: How A Sympathetic Call Ended Warren’s Cancer-Wife Grift, Frank 791.
What a piece of work this guy is.

Leafs love

Dear Frank:
Re: There Is No joy in Leafsville, by Doug Saunders, Frank 792.
Best article ever on strangeness of the Leafs not even making the final since 1967.

Urban Undulations

The Three Tragic Musketeers

They thought of themselves as the Three Musketeers. Three teenage girls working the Hollis Street stroll in the mid 1980s. Two of them were murdered more than 30 years ago. I’ve got the other one on the phone with me right now.

Speaker's Corner

The day idealism died

Back in the day, you could look out your front window and watch the children play. Outside, in the fresh air. Imagine that.
Eastertime, which normally led to warmer weather and snow-free streets, was a bona fide bonanza for skipping ropes.

Wanker of the Week

Liberal trained seals

Should the federal government be able to deny funding based on personal or religious beliefs?
Our Liberal trained seal MPs certainly think so.

Leo Glavine & his stupid snapshots

Provincial taxpayers appear poised to make a seven-figure payment to American pop culture photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Law & Disorder

The Three Tragic Musketeers

They thought of themselves as the Three Musketeers. Three teenage girls working the Hollis Street stroll in the mid 1980s. Two of them were murdered more than 30 years ago. I’ve got the other one on the phone with me right now.

Remembering Brenda

Before the Three Musketeers, there was the Foster Sisters.
Tina Marie Barron and Brenda Lee Garside met at the school for girls in Truro and became fast friends.

Guy Pothier

On reverse cultural appropriation, unlived experience & sensitivity consultants

Mount Saint Vincent University obviously acted appropriately when it chose not to interfere with the decision by its history department to name assistant prof Martha Walls to teach a course on the history of aboriginal residential schools that she herself has developed.

Bevboy's Radio Daze

Valley of Fear / South Shore

Valley Waste complaints keep piling up

There are a few new wrinkles in that Valley trash & composting brouhaha I’ve been examining over the last few issues.
At least one official in one of the towns involved says he sees the whole deal falling apart in the near future.

Northern N.S. News

Stellarton drug store partnership kaput

Jay Poulain is no longer associated with the Stellarton pharmacy that bears his name.
MacLean and Poulain Pharmacy First president David MacLean tells me that Jay is no longer employed there, and their partnership has ended.