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On landing that job & smelly pillows

Dear Amanda,

I don’t know how to get a full time teaching position in Nova Scotia. It feels impossible and I’m losing hope.


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Dear Scott,

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Tuxedo Stan for Mayor

Tuxedo Stan for Mayor

In what was widely held to be a cakewalk to the Mayors office and beyond for Mike 'Stud Muffin' Savage this fall in HRM - the announcement this week that Tuxedo Stan (@TuxedoStan), titular feline head of the Tuxedo Party, has tossed his mouse into the ring has set facebook and twitter alight.

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Duty and Honour - The Jerusalem Cafe

Duty and Honour - The Jerusalem Cafe

Eldest son of large Palestinian family, Suhil Abu-Zaid came to Halifax from Ramallah 10 years ago bringing a new message from the Middle East with him - a message of honour, bravery and peace. 

"Whats on TV is half the story" says Suhil "There are always some stupid people everywhere - but people just want to live their lives. People everywhere just want to live in peace"

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